Hve and Vdc Certifications

We are keen to protect our vineyard and our soil. To this purpose, we constantly question our methods in order to combine traditional and modern practices with an eco-friendly type of farming.

On the farm, we willingly sought this double certification as an official acknowledgement of our good, eco-friendly practices.

We are particularly committed to respecting 4 elements:

  • Preserving biodiversity and making our soil and landscapes look good
  • Using alternative, traceable plant protection products
  • Being sensible in the way we manage fertilizing and its traceability
  • An environmentally friendly management of water, sewage, by-products and waste.

After an audit verifying 125 obligations, in 2017, we were officially awarded the High Environmental Value and Viticulture certification.

"Le champagne aide à l'émerveillement"

George SAND