Our village : Pévy

Pévy* is a small village of 205 inhabitants in the Marne region. Located 14 km from Reims, this village is crossed by the Champagne tourist route and is part of the « Massif de Saint Thierry ». The village is surrounded by vineyards, and in its centre stands the church of Notre-Dame, a listed building with a beautiful 16th century altarpiece.

In Pévy, the streets are lined with high walls, along which several water spots can be found: fountains, wash houses and “fords” (a watering place where horses used to refresh their feet after working in the fields). It is very pleasant to stroll through its flowery alleys, and you may wish to hike along them to admire them.

* The name Pévy comes from the Middle Ages. The Roman Pavius, initially gave it the name of Pavium, then with time it was transformed into « Pes Vitis », meaning “at the foot of the vineyards”, and finally became Pévy.

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